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Moon foxes
Nft foxes Collection

Foxes nft

Moonfoxes bits is a collection of 5,000 unique nfts foxes with special pixel format accessories that live happily on the ethereum blockchain!

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Society V2

Moonfoxes Society is a collection of 10,000 unique and exclusive pixel-format foxes that live on Strmnft!



There are 2 version of moonfoxes,
a bits that is on the ethereum network and society on the strmnft platform with different and exclusive characteristics and with the vision of bringing together Crypto foxes and the web 3.0 community to create something really special.


We believe with the power of our nft community we can create the best ecosystem in web 3.0.


Our plans are to build fox art staking capabilities, grow the world famous fox community, game fox and much more.


 Phase 1

A total of 5,000 NFTs Moonfoxes Exclusive Bits will be released at a minimum price of 0.005. When 500 nfts are minted, 1.5 ETH will be redistributed among the current owners. Therefore, previous minters will receive more distributions! All moonfoxes holders will have exclusive and private access to sweepstakes and tokens on Discord channels, as well as future benefits such as the launch of nfts staking, cryptocurrency airdrops, parties and more.
 Phase 2

After minting all 5,000 NFTs Moonfoxes bits, some will be categorized into 2 tiers: rare and supreme. the supreme will be the rarest and most exclusive level. Each level will come with its exclusive perks and benefits for the lucky holders, which will be announced soon.
 Phase 3

Once the Moonfoxes bits collection reaches a trading volume of 100 Eth, the application process for verification at OpenSea will begin. This will create a greater level of conviction in the project and allow it to reach a wider audience, thus benefiting the incumbents.
 Phase 4

After a successful launch, development will begin on pursuing major partnerships around the moonfoxes collection and supporting future nfts with great potential. Moonfoxes holders will receive early access to partner nfts release as a perk of being a member of moonfoxes bits.
 Phase 5

This next phase consists of a staking model that will be developed for Moonfoxes members. This will allow members to stake their Moon Foxes nfts to generate partner tokens. Staking will generate income for members as well as provide liquidity for the community foxfam to embark on projects to add value for all holders.
 Phase 6

Finally, the development of an exclusive P2E model for all members will begin. This will allow club members to earn in-game currency as an ownership benefit.

Explore the famous Nfts foxes

Which will you collect?

crypto foxes

The money raised will be distributed as follows

50% Project

​In advertising, close major partnerships with cunning fox, famous fox federation, crypto foxes and in the long-term development of the project.

20% Donation

Donation to a non-profit company responsible for the preservation of the environment and animals.

30% Holders / Airdrops

Used to benefit all holders, do lots of raffles, parties and airdrops.

Our Team

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Maires S.

Marketing expert who has been developing in the crypto foxfam space for about 2 years! She is the real advisor behind our project.
fox pixel orange

Mayk M.

The Founder, Crypto Investor and the Brains Behind Moonfoxes bits.
fox pixel blue

Magno B.

The artist behind these famous foxes, who created all this unique pixel art in the collection.

Come be part of the best fox club nft

and get ready to take the rocket straight to the moon.

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